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10 Most Creative Kitchen Designs


Kitchen is one of the most important areas in a home. Most homeowners put a great deal of emphasis on the kitchen design. However, even the modern or contemporary kitchen designs have primarily adopted the ideas for styles and layouts that have been existing for nearly a century. It is predicted that a new episode of revolution in the kitchen designs is under way. The following are a series of kitchen designs that we believe are most creative. Hopefully these designs will be seen in real kitchens soon and add some enjoyable elements in the modern home improvements.

kitchen designs Creative design 1 - Island Kitchen

This new kitchen design, featuring the streamlined style,  is currently being exhibited in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of New York. The kitchen incorporates a number of hi-tech elements including touch-screen control, heating foil, noise control, LED lighting, automated air freshener and a multimedia system. The color in this  kitchen design is customizable with as many as 120 colors to choose from.

kitchen designs Creative design 2 - Commend Center

This is an ideal design for those who are love fashion and high tech. The kitchen is extremely compact and occupies relatively small area so its a great choice for apartments. This kitchen is even sufficient for small scale gathering. Folding edges can be converted to dining tables. Another great feature of this kitchen is the installation of a large screen LCD TV.   

kitchen designs Creative design 3 - Streamline Kitchen

This is a simplified circular kitchen design that included all basic kitchen functions and devices. The elegant design creates a comfortable cooking area. The kitchen occupies a very small area but can hold quiet a few people. The streamlined edges provide a safe space for youngsters. Storage areas are very reasonably arranged with proper ventilations. This is a advanced and practical version of kitchen design.   

kitchen designs Creative design 4 - Egg Shape Kitchen

This is a great space saving kitchen design. Cooking space, refrigerator and cabinets are all integrated in a unit with the half-ball shape. The upper part is the ventilation. The materials used for this kitchen include stainless steel and carbon fiber, coated with a semi-transparent polymeric material. The current price for this integrated kitchen is extremely high, at 2.5 million dollars, which could be a great disadvantage.

kitchen designs Creative design 5 - Suspended Kitchen

This design divides the traditional kitchen into three islands. The islands are hung by metal wires in a romantic lighting ambience. Three islands are used for storing drinks, refrigeration and  cooking wares.  

kitchen designs Creative design 6 - Music Kitchen

This kitchen, looking like a DJ stand, is fully computerized and can be connected directly to the internet. The music kitchen mixes cooking and entertainment, creating a relaxing environment for the cook.  

kitchen designs Creative design 7 - Circular Kitchen

This design is highly compact. A full function kitchen can be operated in such a small space. Storage spaces are reasonably used. Lighting system is also integrated in the kitchen unit. 

kitchen designs Creative design 8 - Simplest Kitchen

This design reflects the modern ideas of simplicity. The kitchen is made of stainless steel, high density fiber board and natural stone.

kitchen designs Creative design 9 -  Kitchen No 1

This is a really creative kitchen design. It is more than just simplicity. It appears simple, but the materials used are all top class.

kitchen designs Creative design 10 -  Solar Kitchen

This is a eco-friendly kitchen design. It is different from any other kitchens. It has a unique and modern style. Most importantly, all power it consumes comes from solar energy.  




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