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Outdoor Garden Fountain Buying Guide - How to Choose and Buy Stone Fountains


Outdoor exterior fountains have become popular additions to yards and gardens over the past few years. This is probably due in large part to their captivating sights and soothing sounds. Many years ago, garden fountains had only been seen the most luxurious homes. Apparently, that's no longer the case. In fact, outdoor fountains that come in a diverse range of sizes and prices can be found in the ordinary yards and gardens. The affordability of garden fountains have been increased significantly since China became an important manufacturing base for garden building materials.

Considerations When Selecting an Outdoor Fountain

Choosing an outdoor fountain can be overwhelming if you think about the sheer number of options you have. While budget will have a large influence over your final decision, you need to also consider the following in your quest for the perfect outdoor fountain.


Choosing Features of the Fountain

It is important to determine the preferences you have for the fountain in terms of its appearance and "noise" pattern. Water associated with your fountain can be in the pattern of spray, trickle, bubble or cascade. Another consideration is the water's sound. Larger fountains, particularly with higher water drop, tend to make greater noise. Do you want to hear the roar of the water or the soft babbling of a brook coming from your back yard? If you decide to go with a large sized fountain, make sure you have sufficient spaces between the fountain and the house so that the water sound does not interfere with normal life.

Choosing Size of the Fountain

The size of fountain should depend on the space where the fountain is to be situated. In general, a garden fountain can either be installed in the yard or inside a pool. A large fountain certainly will overpower a small yard or pond. Likewise, large garden can easily make a small delicate fountain virtually invisible. You want your fountain to be a focal point in the garden, so it is important to choose a fountain that has a proper size and fit well in the setting of your yard.

Choosing Material for the Fountain

Garden fountains can be made out of a variety of materials. Each material may have its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a material for your fountain, you may want to take your local weather condition into consideration. Some materials are not as much weathering resistant as others and can not stand up well to extreme weather variations.

Popular materials for garden fountains include concrete, terracotta, lead marble, natural marble, travertine, limestone, millstone, carved or cast stone, lightweight glass fiber reinforced concrete or faux stone, bronze, brass, cast iron and aluminum. Natural stone and bronze fountains can last very long time. A bronze fountain when exposing to the open air for an extended period can develop a stunning aged surface (antiqued) that delights many. Aluminum is the lightest among all but doesn't age even if being exposed to harsh weather. Marble fountains have great values for natural uniqueness and artistic sculpting, however, they may crack in the cold winter season when the water or moistures reside in marble's rich. Lead metal has a traditional antique quality and often turns darker as it ages. Lead metal is rather soft and sometimes needs to be reshaped with a soft mallet hammer. Cast stone is a type of concrete that is very durable and can be resemblance of natural stone. cast marble comes in a full spectrum of colors and if formulated properly, can withstand severe weather for decades.

Safety & Maintenance Considerations

Safety and maintenance are also important considerations in choosing garden fountains. When installing a garden fountain, you should ask yourself several questions: will pets, animals or small children have the easy access to the fountain? Is it safely anchored to the ground? Can it tip over easily? Does it constitute a potential drowning hazard?

Depending on the material of the fountain, you may need to devote certain efforts in maintenance to keep it in good condition. Concrete, marble, glass fiber and cast stone fountains need to be completely dried out if they are left outdoor during winter to avoid possible cracking. Water remained in the plumbing could burst the pipes, which may quite likely break the fountain as well. Fiberglass fountains are typically light enough so it is easy to move them indoors during winter. In addition, algae can often build up in the water if not properly treated or kept clean.

Consult with the manufacturer's guidelines to determine other maintenances needed for your garden fountain.




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