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Sandstone Applications

granite countertop Indoor Sandstone

china marble graniteBathtub

china marble graniteColumn

china marble graniteCountertop

china marble graniteDoorway

china marble graniteFireplace

china marble graniteFloor Tile

china marble graniteSink

china marble graniteSpecial Shapes

china marble graniteTable

china marble graniteVanities

granite countertop Outdoor Sandstone

china marble graniteBall

china marble graniteBalustrade

china marble graniteBench

china marble graniteFountain

china marble graniteGarden

china marble graniteGazebo

china marble granitePlanter

china marble graniteVase

china marble graniteWindow sill

granite countertop Sandstone Supplies

china marble graniteSandstone Blank

china marble graniteSandstone Slab



Sandstone Color: QY Red Sandstone With Stripe Texture

Sandstone Color: QY Red Sandstone With Stripe Texture

China Sandstone  - QY Red Sandstone with Stripe Texture

Stripe texture or veining is common in sandstones. Quarried in Quyang China, QY red sandstone is an unique sandstone color featuring smooth veining. This type of sandstone contains medium grains so "hones" is the best finish option. QY red sand stone has great color consistency. Due to its great sturdiness, this red sandstone is an ideal material for outdoor exterior decorations, such as wall cladding, paving, garden fountain, balustrades, door surrounds, pediment, gazebo, garden bench.


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