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Building Materials Construction Supplies


Working with leading building material manufacturers in China, Amlink Marble designs and distributes several lines of building materials in addition to our core products - building and architectural stones. Amlink's non-stone building material lines include: cast iron products such as fences, gates, lamp posts, gazebos and fountains; solid wood products such as kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and doors; ceramic products such as tiles, sinks, sculptures and accessories; glass fiber reinforced concrete products such as panels, ornaments, carvings and claddings; and other building supplies such as stainless steel kitchen sinks, bronze sculptures, aluminum fences and gates. All Amlink building materials and supplies are of high quality and in conformity with industry's standards commonly used in North America.


cast iron fences wrought iron gates stair rails lamp posts columns gazebos and more

Cast Iron Rails Gates Fences

Cast iron, often being called "wrought iron", is an ideal fencing building material for its durability, hardness and cost effectiveness. As they are flexible in high heat, it is fairly easy to make special shapes out of cast irons. In addition to fences, cast irons have many other building applications. Cast iron gates, cast iron stair rails, cast iron lamp posts, cast iron columns, cast iron garden ornaments and cast iron gazebos are few examples. Comparing to natural stone building materials, cast iron has some advantages like lower cost, easier to handle and can be painted.  

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solid wood kitchen cabinet bathroom cabinets wood floors doors and classic furniture

Solid Wood Hardwood Floor Cabinet Furniture

Amlink's solid wood building material and supplies  include  solid wood bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinet, doors, hardwood floors, furniture for residential and commercial usages such as subdivisions, hotels and resorts. We have a full line of wood choices, including walnut cherry oak and maple. All wood cabinets, doors and furniture are custom designed and manufactured to meet your specific architectural needs. Along with core stone building supplies, we are well positioned to provide "one stop" material solutions for your construction and renovation projects.

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fiberglass products glass fiber reinforced concrete building component GFRC panels ornaments and projects

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) is a new type of building material. Being reinforced with glass fibers, concrete becomes much sturdier and more durable. GFRC building material has many architectural applications. It can be used anywhere the regular concrete materials are normally used at a fraction of the weight. Common applications include: columns, balustrades, statues, fountains, planters and wall covering and cladding. Key advantages of GFRC building materials are light weight, high compressive strength and low maintenance.

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ceramic tile porcelain tiles ceramic sinks sculptures

Ceramic porcelain Tiles Sinks Toilet and carving

Ceramic and porcelain are manmade building materials with various colors and textures. Comparing to natural stone, ceramic tile are cost effective flooring solutions with rich flexible functionalities and designs. Ceramic and porcelain tiling is solid and strong, easy to clean and maintain, long lasting and resistant to smell, liquid, stain and allergens. Ceramic tiles can be used in kitchen and bathroom. It can also be used for wall covering. Ceramic porcelain sinks are also popular building supplies. Porcelain carving are available to provide decorative components.

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more building supplies stainless steel kitchen sinks aluminum fences bronze sculptures and more

Building Supplies - Other including

While our main business is natural stone manufacturing and distribution, we work with leading building material manufacturers to supply a wide array of home improvement related building materials to provide extensive material solutions for new construction and renovation projects. Aluminum fences, stainless steel kitchen and bronze statues are just couple examples. All Amlink building supplies are fully customizable in terms of style and dimension. Special discount prices are available for volume buyers such as contractors, developers and hotel owners.

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