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Building Stone - Fabrication - Cut Stone - Marble Granite Limestone Sandstone Travertine Slate


Stones, also being called rocks in the scientific term, such as marble and granite are abundant in the nature, but not every stone has the value of being used for architectural applications due to unfavorable physical and chemical characteristics. It takes geologists many years to discover one usable stone quarry.


Partnering with state of the art granite marble fabrication facilities located in China's Xiamen City, world's largest marble and granite stone manufacturing and distribution center, we operate a number of famous marble and granite quarries and bring in world's most popular marble and granite, travertine, limestone, sandstone, onyx, slates from Italy, Spain, Brazil, Turkey, India, to fabricate and produce a full line of finished and semi-finished cut stone products including marble and granite blocks, slabs, blanks, countertops; travertine, marble and granite sink, floor tile; granite paver, sandstone wall veneer, slate roofing. While specializing in custom marble granite fabrication, our renovated processing equipments, superior workmanship and decades of manufacturing experience ensure the quality of every production to meet the highest standards in the industry.

cut stone granite slab Amlink Marble, your ultimate source for the most popular marble and granite and other natural stones from all over world. cut stone marble slab

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Architectural Stone - Carving Stone - Marble Travertine Limestone Sandstone Onyx

Partnering with state of the art marble carving stone sculpturing facilities located in China's Quyang City, the birthplace of traditional Chinese stone carving arts, we operate several marble quarries suitable for carving and sculpture, including Beijing off white marble and V12 dark and light marbles. Although many types of imported marble, travertine, onyx and limestone are often in stock for special marble carving and stone sculpture projects, we recommend to use local marble and stones for general applications considering cost effectiveness. Click on the icons below to review popular colors of carving marble, carving travertine, carving limestone, carving sandstone and carving onyx. In many cases, China stones are of resemblance to those considered as world's famous stones in color and texture; for example, Beijing off white marble has often been referred to as the Chinese version of Italian White Carrara marble.

carving marble sculpture marble

Backed by superb craftsmanship, Amlink Marble is positioned to deliver affordable marble carving and stone sculpture products with high quality and artistic integrity.

sculpture travertine carving travertine

sculpture limestone carving limestone

sculpture sandstone carving sandstone

sculpture onyx carving onyx

About Stone  In general, natural stones fall into three categories, sedimentary, which was formed through deposition in the oceans or rivers; igneous, which is associated with lava activities, and metamorphic rocks formed when high temperature and pressure altered the mineral structures of sedimentary or igneous rocks. Granite is a typical igneous rock formed when lava cooled down deep under the ground. Such process contributed to hardness and toughness of granite we see today, making granite the best candidate for applications requiring weathering proof. Limestone and sandstone are common sedimentary rocks; they will be altered to marble and slate respectively after metamorphism. In commercial applications, stones are often categorized by cut stone and carving stone. Certain marble and granite suitable for stone slab fabrications may not be used for carvings. Amlink carefully selects marble and granite stone materials for every carving and fabrication project. Our professional sales consultant will assist you in finding right stones for your project.  

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Stone Slab, Granite Marble Blank - General Specification


Marble and Granite Slab typical size:      2400mm to 2800mm long, 1400mm to 1800mm wide, 20mm - 30mm - 40mm thick

Marble and Granite Slab finish option :    Polished, Honed, Flamed, Sandblasted, or; Hammered

Marble and Granite Slab Packing :       Wooden Bundles, 8-10 slabs per bundle, 1800  to 3400 square feet per container 


Marble and Granite Blank  typical size:    (36, 48, 64, 72)" x 24"; (72, 96, 108)"x26"; 72"x36" (island); 3/4" or 1 1/2" thick

Marble and Granite Blank  finish option :  Polished top,  one to four side straight, bullnose or ogee edge profile

Marble and Granite Blank  Packing :   Wooden Crates, 12-16 blanks per crate, 15 to 20 crates per twenty foot container


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granite marble slab stone slabs

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