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  Marble Fireplace Mantel

 travetine marble fireplace mantel surrounds hand carved Marble Fireplace Overmantel

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Greek Fireplace Surround Lion Statue Over Mantel AF-06-022

Greek Fireplace Surround Lion Statue Over Mantel AF-06-022

Are you looking to buy cheap but classy and quality fireplace mantel and surrounds that replicate ancient Roman Greek style designs? If so, you have arrived at the right place. Working with state of the art stone carving and fabrication facilities in China, we design and import large selection of cheap Roman fireplace mantel Greek style marble surrounds The dimension and other specs of these Roman style fireplace Greek fireplace mantel surrounds are for standard configurations and fully customizable. Marble and travertine are most popular stones for carving this fireplace overmantel. Fireplace design modifications are also available.


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 Greek Fireplace Mantel AF-06-022

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Stone As in Image:   Mixed Color Marble      >> Available Color

Standard Dimension: 74"wide 89" Tall  18" Deep   Estimated Weight: 4200lbs

Stone Fireplace Overmantel 1  Stone Fireplace Overmantel 2  Stone Fireplace Overmantel 3

  Marble Fireplace Mantel

 travetine marble fireplace mantel surrounds hand carved Marble Fireplace Overmantel






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