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 Garden Fountains Cheap Roman Stone Water Feature Marble Fountain


When building a garden fountain, people often debate on what material to  for their fountain. There are several options to choose from. Concrete, plaster, GFRC and natural stone are commonly seen materials in modern garden fountain constructions. Concrete by far is the cheapest material, however, it doesn't have much value comparing to natural stone. In fact, stone fountains no longer have ridiculously high prices since importing from Chinese became popular in recent years.




large marble fountain with coping

Marble floating sphere ball fountain

Grand Marble Fountain Stone Fountains

Typical large stone fountain is 10 to 12 feet  tall and 12 to 20 feet in Diameter. These marble fountains stone fountains are suitable for park, square, commercial building.

Marble Floating Sphere Ball Fountain

Heavy polished stone balls spin on a cushion of water and continues to roll until the water is shut off. This sphere marble fountain is symbol for "luck" in the ancient Chinese culture .


marble wall founatin

pedestal marble fountain

Marble Fountain Stone Wall Fountains

Marble fountains or other stone fountains for wall are hand carved to replicate original designs of classic marble fountain. Wall marble fountain will provide an attractive appearance to ambience.

Large Marble Fountains Stone Fountain

High rise marble fountain are typically 7-10 tall and 4" to 6' in diameter. This series of sculpted marble fountain is great for public park, square, commercial building and residential gardens.


stone fountain

stone fountain

Pedestal Marble Fountain  Stone Fountains

Pedestal marble fountains can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. This type of marble fountain typically has a height of 4-5 feet, 3-4' in diameter. Suitable stones for carving this type of fountains include marble, granite, travertine, sandstone and limestone.  

 Stone Fountain Archived Fountain

A collection of customized marble fountains and other stone fountains with unique designs are available for your indoor outdoor applications.  This series of marble stone fountains will offer unique decorations for special building and architectural projects.

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